ASAP2 Editor Help Documentation

This documentation describes the features of the ICS ASAP2 Editor software application.

Overview (refer to Figure 1) Various map file formats generated from source code compilation define symbols in an ECU's memory. The ICS ASAP2 Editor converts map files into ASAM standard A2L files that define ECU measurements, calibrations, and diagnostic information. The A2L files are used by the ICS Vehicle Spy MEP feature to translate CCP/XCP message traffic with the ECU into user friendly displays and dialogs that aid calibration and diagnostic development.

  • A2L - file extension on files using the ASAM MCD-2MC metalanguage.

  • A2ML - another name for the ASAM MCD-2MC metalanguage.

  • ASAM - Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems. (

  • ASAM MCD-2MC - metalanguage used in all A2L files.

  • ASAP2 - from German Arbeitskreis zur Standardisierung von Applikationssystemen. Older acronym replaced by ASAM MCD-2MC.

  • CCP - CAN Calibration Protocol.

  • ECU - Electronic Control Unit.

  • ICS - Intrepid Control Systems. (

  • MCD - Measurement, Calibration, and Diagnostics.

  • MEP - Memory Edit Protocol, a feature in Vehicle Spy from ICS.

  • VSpy - Vehicle Spy, an MCD system from ICS.

  • XCP - Universal Calibration Protocol.

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