Using the neoVI API in Excel - neoVI API

To use the intrepidcs API in Excel or other VBA supported application add the bas_neoVI.vb module into your project (figure 1) by right clicking on the Project in the VBA Editor and selecting Insert and then Module. Open the bas_neoVI.vb. Then, call the methods as defined in the Basic Operation document. The function calls for use in VBA are the same as the calls in Visual Basic 6.


A VBA Excel example (Figure 1) is included to show how the API all works together. This project only has 1 file, NeoVIExample.XlS. Make sure macros are enabled to run this example. All the needed project files are included in the following file:

The example shows how to open and close communication to the driver, send messages and read messages on the networks.

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