ISO9141_KEYWORD2000_SETTINGS Structure

This structure defines settings for ISO9141 and Keyword 2000 networks on neoVI Fire devices.

typedef VS_MODIFIER struct
    icscm_uint32 Baudrate;
    icscm_uint16 spbrg;
    icscm_uint16 brgh;
    ISO9141_KW2000__INIT_STEP init_steps[16];  //See the ISO9141_KW2000__INIT_STEP structure
    icscm_uint8 init_step_count;
    icscm_uint16 p2_500us;
    icscm_uint16 p3_500us;
    icscm_uint16 p4_500us;
    icscm_uint16 chksum_enabled;


Structure Elements


Baudrate Baudrate to use

Not used, set to 0

Not used, set to 0

Init table configuration structure

icscm_uint8 init_step_count

Number of steps configured in ISO9141_KW2000__INIT_STEP for Init waveform

icscm_uint16 p2_500us

Rx Inter Message Spacing in 500µs ticks

icscm_uint16 p3_500us

Tx InterMessage Spacing in 500µs ticks

icscm_uint16 p4_500us

Tx Inter Byte Spacing in 500µs ticks

icscm_uint16 chksum_enabled

Option to enable checksum calculation Enable = 1 Disable = 0

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