stAPIFirmwareInfo Structure

This structure continues information regarding the firmware version of a neoVI device.

struct stAPIFirmwareInfo
    int iType;
    // Date and Time (2nd generation neoVI only. See 2nd Generation neoVI Devices)
    int iMainFirmDateDay;
    int iMainFirmDateMonth;
    int iMainFirmDateYear;
    int iMainFirmDateHour;
    int iMainFirmDateMin;
    int iMainFirmDateSecond;
    int iMainFirmChkSum;

    // Version data (3rd generation neoVI only. See 3rd Generation neoVI Devices)
    unsigned char iAppMajor;
    unsigned char iAppMinor;
    unsigned char iManufactureDay;
    unsigned char iManufactureMonth;
    unsigned short iManufactureYear;
    unsigned char iBoardRevMajor;
    unsigned char iBoardRevMinor;
    unsigned char iBootLoaderVersionMajor;
    unsigned char iBootLoaderVersionMinor;


Structure Elements


int iType

Indicates the generation of hardware: 2 = 2nd generation. See 2nd Generation neoVI Devices 3 = 3rd generation. See 3rd Generation neoVI Devices

int iMainFirmDateDay

1 - 31 firmware day

int iMainFirmDateMonth

1 - 12 firmware month

int iMainFirmDateYear

4 digit year (i.e. 2008) firmware year

int iMainFirmDateHour

0 - 23 firmware hour

int iMainFirmDateMin

0 - 59 firmware minutes

int iMainFirmDateSecond

0 - 59 firmware seconds

int iMainFirmChkSum

Firmware checksum

unsigned char iAppMajor

Application major version (3rd generation neoVI only)

unsigned char iAppMinor

Application minor version (3rd generation neoVI only)

unsigned char iManufactureDay

1 - 31 Manufacture day (3rd generation neoVI only)

unsigned char iManufactureMonth

1 - 12 Manufacture month (3rd generation neoVI only)

unsigned short iManufactureYear

4 digit year (i.e. 2008) manufacture year (3rd generation neoVI only)

unsigned char iBoardRevMajor

Board revision major (3rd generation neoVI only)

unsigned char iBoardRevMinor

Board revision minor (3rd generation neoVI only)

unsigned char iBootLoaderVersionMajor

Bootloader version major (3rd generation neoVI only)

unsigned char iBootLoaderVersionMinor

Bootloader version minor (3rd generation neoVI only)

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