GetVCAN4Settings Method - neoVI API

This method reads the configuration settings from a ValueCAN4-4 device.

int _stdcall icsneoGetVCAN4Settings(void * hObject, SVCAN4Settings *pSettings, int iNumBytes);


hObject __ [in] Specifies the driver object created by OpenNeoDevice.

pSettings [out] Pointer to a SVCAN4Settings structure.

iNumBytes [in] This value is always the size, in bytes, of the SVCAN4Settings structure.

Return Values

Returns 1 if successful, 0 if an error occurred. GetLastAPIError must be called to obtain the specific error. The errors that can be generated by this function are: NEOVI_ERROR_DLL_NEOVI_NO_RESPONSE = 75


After getting the current settings, you may change the parameters defined in the SVCAN4Settings structure and write the settings back to the ValueCAN 4-4 using SetVCAN4Settings.


SVCAN4Settings VcanReadSettings;
int iNumberOfBytes;
int iResult;

//Get the settings
iNumberOfBytes=sizeof(VcanReadSettings );
iResult = icsneoGetVCAN4Settings(m_hObject, &VcanReadSettings , iNumberOfBytes);
if(iResult == 0)
    MessageBox::Show("Problem reading configuration");

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