OpenPortEx Hardware Type Information - neoVI API

This topic discusses which port type can be used with what type of hardware.

A required parameter for the OpenPortEx command is the Port type. Each type is and the hardware it supports is listed below.

Port type typeApplicable hardwareNotes


  • neoVI Blue (USB or RS232 connection)

  • neoVI Pro (USB or RS232 connection)

  • neoVI Green (RS232)

  • ValueCAN

Devices that use a USB connection listed here have a virtual COM port connection to the PC even though it is connected to the USB port on the PC.


  • neoVI Green

These devices use the USB Port type


  • neoVI Blue

  • neoVI Pro

  • neoVI Green

  • ValueCAN

All ICS devices can be connected via a TCP/IP connection using a second PC as a gateway.

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