Using the neoVI API in Visual C++ - neoVI API

To use neoVI in Visual C++:

  1. 1.
    Start your new project and add the Dynamic link helper files to your project.
  2. 2.
    Add a #include “icsneo40DLLAPI.h” to your project
Figure 1 - Link to the “icsnVC40.lib”
3. Use the Functions “LoadDLLAPI” to load the functions and “UnloadDLLAPI” to unload the functions. Examples are below.
//-----Load the DLL
//problem, close the application
printf("Problem loading Library\r\nMake sure icsneo40.dll is installed and accessable\r\nPress any key to Exit");
//-----Unload the DLL
4. Finally, call the methods as defined in the Basic Operation document.
A Visual C++ example (Figure 1) is included to show how the API all works together. The example files are included in the following file:
The example shows how to open and close communication to the driver, send messages and read messages on the networks.
Figure 1 - The Visual C++ Example.