NeoDeviceEx Structure

A structure used by FindNeoDevicesEx and OpenNeoDeviceEx to locate and open neoVI devices.

typedef struct NeoDeviceEx
NeoDevice neoDevice;
unsigned long FirmwareMajor;
unsigned long FirmwareMinor;
unsigned long Status; // 1=CM Running 2=Bootloader
unsigned long Reserved[16];  // may be expanded in future revisions


FindNeoDevicesEx. Then the structure is used by OpenNeoDeviceEx to make a physical connection to a neoVI (ECU) device.


neoDevice NeoDevice

Structure that containing device information like Serial number, device type, and Device Handel

unsigned long FirmwareMajor

Returns the Major firmware version of the device

unsigned long FirmwareMinor

Returns the Minor firmware version of the device

unsigned long Status

Tells the status of the device.

CoreMini Running = 1; Bootloader = 2;

unsigned long Reserved

Reserved for future use

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